Two friends have come together to bring their passion for paws for all to enjoy. From jewellery, to giftables, home style to clothing, there is something here for just about everyone.

When you purchase from our site you will be joining us in helping our furry friends. When we started our business we decided from the onset that a portion of every sale will be donated to animal charities around the world.

Eugenia, a happy kitty rescue mom of three fantastic felines

Eugenia and Cookie It was summer 2015, shortly after my husband and I were granted Canadian citizenship. We drove by a vet clinic in our town, and I spotted a sign “Cute kitties available for adoption”. We came in and learned that all but one kitty were already adopted.The one that left looked so sad that we adopted him immediately. This is how Cache (his Russian name is Kesha) came to our life. Basically, we became proud Canadians and cat parents at the same time.

Cache grew up into a very elegant male tabby, who loves to watch birds through the window, but would never trade the comfort of indoor living for outdoor adventures.

A few months after we adopted Cache, we brought him to the clinic for his vaccinations, and found a cute tiny kitty available for adoption. She was much smaller than Cache, only eight weeks old, but very playful and curious. The staff told us that somebody found her on a highway and brought her to the clinic, and that she probably was starving. We brought her home and named her Feature (Fishka in Russian). Feature was ravenous and insatiable at first, but soon gained weight and confidence. She grew up into an affectionate and cuddly tabby who can perfectly mimic human pitches and expresses her wishes and needs quite clearly.

Then, in 2016, we adopted Cookie from Second Chance Animal Rescue. When we saw her in a kennel at a pet store, we quickly realized that this ball of fur and energy is least suitable for sitting in a cage. We hesitated a bit, because we didn’t know if Cache and Feature would accept a new kitty in the house, but luckily, everything went smoothly. Now Cookie, a female tabby, is a part of our cat family and the most mischievous of the group.

Barb, a proud momma of four fabulous felines

BarbCatsJack, Abby and Bear were only 12 hours old when they came into my life. Abandoned by their mother in the first hours of their life, we had thought they had passed as they were so very cold and unresponsive. We brought them into the house anyway and put them in a box with warm blankets and a heating pad. Five hours later there was finally movement and cries of hunger. With feedings every 3 hours, 24 hours a day and a ton of care, against all odds, all three are happy and healthy and full of love.

Bear (tuxedo kitty #1) is our big boy. He’s a whopping 20 pounds of muscle and goofiness. He will sit in my chair like a human and I swear he thinks he is one. He also thinks he is a dog when he lays on the floor with his back legs straight out behind him. He’s such a character but he’s always ready for some scrubs and loves to play fetch and return with his daddy.

Abby (tuxedo kitty #2) is our tiny ballerina. She’s almost the mirror image of her big brother Bear but at a fraction of the size. She weighs in at only 8 pounds but boy is she feisty. She’s the “tomboy” of the bunch and doesn’t hesitate for a second to take down her brothers in a battle for whatever it is that she wants – and she gets it.

Jack (orange and white tabby) is mommy’s little sucky. He loves to sit and watch TV with me, all the while purring the loudest of the bunch. Every night he curls up on his pillow beside me and we fall asleep together with his paw in my hand. He’s such a tender little man.

Autumn (long haired calico) is the princess of the group. A cousin of the three amigos, Autumn loves to sit and watch the others terrorize one another without messing up her fur. Very much a daddy’s girl, the little princess joined us at 6 weeks old. She had to remain separated from the others until everyone was old enough and cleared from the vet to be together but once they all joined ranks there was never a doubt that they all belonged together.

I have had the honour of being the caregiver to a few cats in my lifetime but never has there been a clowder so wonderful and rewarding as this group of fur friends.