A special program for animal shelters and rescue groups

We decided from the onset that helping animal rescue groups and animal shelters should be a significant part of our business. We love pets, and helping them makes our work meaningful. So, we have created Save & Give, a special program that would be beneficial to animal care groups, potential pet adopters, and Pawz Club.

Save & Give works as follows:

  1. We issue coupons that contain a unique code for a participating animal rescue and care group.
  2. When a pet gets adopted from your group, give adopters a coupon, so when they make a purchase from our website they get 10% off of the entire order, and your group will receive a donation of another 10%.

Rescue groups may pass these coupons to whomever they’d like. The coupons have no expiration date and can be used multiple times. Here you can find Save & Give Program Policies.
Everyone benefits from this program. It brings animal aid groups funds without taking your time or efforts.