Getting Started

  • When a rescue group joins Save & Give program, Pawz Club assigns a unique referral code to the organization. The code can be up to 10 symbols, letters, and numbers. Codes that have elements of the name of rescue groups are recommended.
  • Rescue groups may post the code online, for example, on their Facebook pages, blogs, Twitter accounts, etc. For offline contacts, Pawz Club provides each participating rescue group with printed coupons with the unique code on them free of charge. If or when a rescue group runs out of printed coupons, Pawz Club replenishes the coupons for free upon request within two weeks.
  • Participating rescue groups may pass coupons or their code to anybody. Pawz Club does not set any restrictions on that.

What Happens Next

  • When somebody makes a purchase on and uses a coupon with a rescue group’s code, Pawz Club e-commerce platform records the transaction and the unique code that has been used. By that code, PawzClub identifies what group will receive a matching donation.
  • Donation amounts of 10% of the entire purchase before taxes and is the same with the discount granted to the buyer. For example, if a buyer makes a purchase of $100, he or she gets $10 off after applying a coupon, and the rescue group that gave the buyer a coupon receives another $10 as a donation.

Getting Funds

  • Donations are collected by Pawz Club and transferred to a participating rescue groups bi-weekly, unless a rescue group and Pawz Club agree otherwise.
  • Donations can be transferred to a banking account (via eTransfer) or to a PayPal account provided by a rescue group.
  • If a rescue group is a charitable organization, it should issue a confirmation of a donation in accordance to the national and provincial legislations and regulations.

Information Disclosure

  • Once a month, Pawz Club provides to each participating group the list of orders placed with the corresponding coupon code, including dates of completed orders, total sum, and the amount of donations. No personal data of Pawz Club customers can be disclosed.
  • Other than announcing a new rescue group joining the program and its code, Pawz Club does not disclose financial information or any other information about participating groups.
  • Pawz Club may support participants by telling their stories on Pawz Club’s blog, but Pawz Club does not promote any of the participants over others.